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One of the worst doctors ever !

Dr Ricky Heath

I’m Dr. Ricky heath. My dad had money so I’m a doctor now. 

Dr Felicia Heath

I’m Dr. Felicia Heath. I’m a nurse with a few extra credits so I’m a doctor now. 

I went for an office visit and had to wait close to two hours past my appointment time. Since then, every time I call, even if it's something relatively urgent like a prescription for antibiotics, they basically ignore my request until I call multiple times. Each time, they have no record of my previous call. They are a mess.
Maria Eve
Boy oh boy! I just have this to say, This place is only ran by bad doctors therefore if you want to receive proper care just know a bad doctor will be supervising you, no matter if you request the oldest MD there. I had a TERRIBLE experience. Ladies Don't do it! You'll definitely regret it!!!! If I could give NO stars I would!
Liam Bower
Worse place before this pandemic even started now even worse you think they would step up there services with this whole pandemic if i had a choice not to go here I wouldn't rather spend my union dues somewhere else then this ----- place and employees forget there's like maybe 2-3 employees that are ok everyone else is just mad and with attitudes and clueless on how to help people!

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